Welcome to Mendip Environment

Mendip Environment is a social enterprise consiting of local groups active in the field of environmental initiatives and community building.

Mendip Environment was developed by the Mendip Environment Forum in 2006 with the assistance of the Mendip Strategic Partnership and Mendip District Council.

The Mendip Environment Forum was hosted by Mendip District Council from 1993 and brought together voluntary sector environmental organisations, community groups and various tiers of local government. The Forum, meeting quarterly, was been successful in raising awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development within the district, and is a valuable enabler of discussion, dissemination of information and consensus building amongst Mendip's environmental groups.

In 2013 Mendip District Council ended support for the Forum and other environmental initiatives as a money saving exercise. The loss of secretarial, meeting and other facilities unpoin which the Form had become reliant made it difficult to continue. In 2014 the Mendip Society was asked to take over the initiative which was welcomed. In 2016, following a change in administration of the Mendip Society, support for Mendip Environment ceased.

Mendip Environment builds on the work of the Environment Forum, and has the ability to bid for funding, and to initiate and support projects.