Reduce frequency and distance

To reduce the amount of carbon and other polluting gases emitted during travel we should cut both distances we travel and frequency of journeys. This may not be easy but there are some things we could think about:

Home working: Is it possible to work from home? Even just for one day a week. Where this is a practical option discuss it with your boss; if facilitated throughout the organisation it could easily be flagged up as an environmental credential.

Multi-purpose journeys: Plan ahead and make the most of each journey by doing more than one thing. For example, save errands, shopping and visiting friends until a Saturday morning, and get as much done in one round trip as possible.

Live near amenities: Of course moving might be quite a drastic solution to cutting down your journeys, but, if you are moving anyway then it is worth considering how easily you can access basic amenities such as shops, post office, doctors, recreation grounds and public transport links.

Holiday closer to home: In most cases, longer journeys tend only to be made for holidays. For Mendip residents there are many options for holidays close to home, and without the need to travel overseas.