Choose a new car carefully

Driving should of course be cut down or avoided altogether if you want to reduce your impact on climate change. However, if you do feel you need to drive and are choosing a new car, more fuel-efficient cars, and smaller cars, cause less pollution.

Diesel, LPG (Liquid petroleum gas) and hybrid versions often have lower CO2 emissions than petrol engines, although diesel cars, especially older ones, produce more 'particulates' and other emissions that affect air quality, so are perhaps not the best option in urban areas.Modern diesels are getting cleaner however, and some have particulate filters. Electric cars produce no exhaust emissions and even if not a practical solution for your main car, for those considering second cars they could be an option.

Act on CO2: The government's website gives rankings for the top ten new cars with the lowest CO2 emissions in their class.

What green car: For more advice on buying new cars.