Lobby your local representatives

There are 5 levels of representation for every Mendip resident, and each level has different responsibilities. These are worth knowing so we can lobby effectively:

Parish and Town Councillors. Your Parish and Town Councillors represent you on the Parish and Town Councils. They are usually unpaid for their work. The Parish or Town Council is responsible for providing and maintaining monuments, playing fields, footpaths and churchyards, as well as administering local charities.

District Councillors. Your District Councillors represent you on Mendip District Council. The District Council is responsible for local services including many planning permissions.

County Councillors. Your County Councillors represent you on Somerset County Council. The County Council is responsible for local services including education, minerals, highways and other public rights of way.

Members of Parliament. Your MP represents you in the House of Commons. The House of Commons is responsible for making laws in the UK and scrutiny of all aspects of Government.

Members of the European Parliament. Your MEPs represent you in the European Parliament. They scrutinise European laws and the budget of the European Union as well as overseeing its other decision-making bodies.

WriteToThem.com is a very useful website that tells you who your representatives are, their party and their contact details, at all of the above levels except Parish and Town Councillors.

Mendip District Council gives information about your Parish or Town Councillor on its website or give them a call on 01749 648999.