Council services. Green waste recycling.

If you are not able to compost all your own garden waste, you can get it collected from the doorstep or take it to household waste recycling centres.

Mendip District Council offers a compostable waste doorstep collection service. You need to get a special green bin or green sacks and register for this. It is not a free service as not everyone uses it but it may only cost you the price of the bin. Look on the website or call customer services to register.

The waste that is collected through this service is turned into compost and available to buy (see below).

There are separate containers for garden waste at these centres, which can be particularly useful for things difficult to compost like branches.

Buying soil improver made from green waste in Mendip

The green waste that is taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres is taken away and composted by Viridor Waste Management. The resulting soil improver can be purchased from the Household Waste Recycling Centres in 40 litre bags. It can also be bought in bulk direct from Viridor Waste Management.

For more information contact Viridor on 01963 351725.