Garden waste management does not necessarily require any effort. You could, if you wish, simply leave fallen leaves, branches and other debris, in situ to rot down naturally. This process is effortless but still serves to improve the fertility of your garden and can provide habitat for a multitude of microorganisms and invertebrates. It only requires that we abandon the notion that a garden should be tidy!

Leaves on the lawn can also be mulched with a mower without the collection box on, helping them to rot down faster.

If you feel compelled to remove the leaves from your lawn you can always rake them into a discrete pile and produce your own leafmould. Making leafmould is simple and just requires you to put leaves into a black bag with holes punctured in it or into a chicken wire basket (both ways to ensure the leaves don't blow away) and then leave them for two years. You should be left with a dark brown crumbly material, which serves as an excellent soil improver, mulch and seed and potting mix.