• Turn the tap off while cleaning your teeth.
  • Only boil enough water for your needs: This saves energy as well as water.
    Have a shower instead of a bath: Showers use significantly less water than baths. An average bath uses 30-50 gallons of water. A 4-minute shower using a standard showerhead uses 20 gallons of water and a low flow head uses just 10 gallons. But, more than five minutes in a power shower and you will no longer be saving water.
  • Reduce washing machine and dishwasher use: Use energy/water saving options if possible. If you are going to buy a new washing machine or dishwasher choose one that is both water-efficient and energy-efficient - machines rated A for both are better for the environment than hand washing, if they are used full.
  • Use a washing up bowl: Using a washing up bowl reduces the amount of water required for washing up whilst keeping your sink clean and your plug unblocked. The water can then be carried to the garden to water the plants.
  • Put a 'hippo' in your toilet cistern: These are very cheap and very simple to install (you could even make one yourself from an old drinks bottle or brick in your cistern). They simply reduce the amount of water you send down the drain each time you flush. If you prefer you could convert your cistern to a dual flush system, so still allowing you the option of a heavier flush.
  • Fix leaking taps: Changing a washer will normally fix leaks and so save vast amounts of water.
  • Fit spray taps: If you are revamping your bathroom suit or kitchen sink then consider fitting spray or aerating taps instead of conventional ones. These reduce the volume of water being used without affecting the pressure. Retro-fitting is also usually possible.
  • Consider cutting water use by installing a dry, composting toilet.
    Composting Toilet aims to promote the use of composting toilets, which use no water at all. The website explains what compost toilets are, how they work, the advantages and practicalities, applications and systems available and also contains useful links.