Glossary of Acronyms used in Local Biodiversity Action Plans

AONB - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
API - Aerial Photography Interpretation
AWPA - Ancient Woodland Priority Area
BAP - Biodiversity Action Plan
BARS - Biodiversity Action Reporting System
BASC - British Association for Shooting & Conservation
BC - Butterfly Conservation
BHAONB - Blackdown Hills Area of Natural Beauty
BHHA - Blackdown Hills Hedge Association
BHRP - Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership
BOAT - Byways Open to All Traffic
BSW - Biodiversity South West
CCAONB - Cranborne Chase Area of Natural Beauty
CHaMPS - Coastal Habitat Management Plans
CLA - Country Land (and Business) Association
CPRE - Council for the Protection of Rural England
cSAC - Candidate Special Area of Conservation
CSE - Centre for Sustainable Energy
CT - Carymoor Trust
DC - District Council
DEFRA - Department of Food & Rural Affairs
DWT - Dorset Wildlife Trust
EA - Environment Agency
ELS - Entry Level Scheme
ENHS - Exmoor Natural History Society
ENPA - Exmoor National Park Authority
ESA - Environmentally Sensitive Area
ESS - Environmental Stewardship Scheme
EWGS - English Woodland Grant Scheme
FC - Forestry Commission
FSC - Field Studies Council
FWAG - Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group
GCT - Game Conservancy Trust
HA - Highways Agency
HAP - Habitat Action Plan
HLS - Higher Level Scheme
IDB - Internal Drainage Board
JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee
LA - Local Authority
LAA - Local Area Agreement
LBAP - Local Biodiversity Action Plan
LDF - Local Development Framework
LNR - Local Nature Reserve
LRC - Local Records Centre
LSP - Local Strategic Partnership
LWS - Local Wildlife Site
MDC - Mendip District Council
MEF - Mendip Environmental Forum
MHAONB - Mendip Hills Area of Natural Beauty
NE - Natural England
NERC - Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act
NI - National Indicator
NNR - National Nature Reserve
NP - Neroche Project
NT - National Trust
PAWS - Planted Ancient Woodland Sites
PCT - Pond Conservation Trust
PHT - Priority Habitat Type
PMG&RP - Purple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
PPS - Planning Policy Statement
PSA - Public Service Agreement
pSAC - Potential Special Area of Conservation
PTES - Peoples Trust for Endangered Species
QHAONB - Quantock Hills Area of Natural Beauty
RDS - Regional Development Strategy
RPG - Rare Plants Group
RSPB - Royal Society of Protection of Birds
SAC - Special Area of Conservation
SAHNS - Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society
SAP - Species Action Plan
SBG - Somerset Bat Group
SBMG - Somerset Biodiversity Management Group
SBP - Somerset Biodiversity Partnership
SCC - Somerset County Council
SEEEN - Somerset & Exmoor Environmental Education Network
SERC - Somerset Environmental Records Centre
SHG - Somerset Hedge Group
SIG - Somerset Invertebrates Group
SLA - Service Level Agreement or Special Landscape Area
SNA - Strategic Nature Area
SPA - Special Protection Area
SRPG - Somerset Rare Plants Group
SSDC - South Somerset District Council
SSP - Somerset Strategic Partnership
SSSI - Site of Special Scientific Interest
SWBAP - South West Biodiversity Action Plan
SWMP - Somerset Water Management Partnership
SWT - Somerset Wildlife Trust
TDBC - Taunton Deane Borough Council
TPO - Tree Preservation Order
TSWWT - The South West Wildlife Trusts
TWT - The Wildlife Trust
UKBAP - UK Biodiversity Action Plan
WAVE - Water Adaptation is Valuable for Everybody
WSC - West Somerset Council
WSR - West Somerset Railway
WT - Woodland Trust