Reduce waste

The first port of call in managing your household waste is to try and minimise the production of it in the first place. Two starting points are:

Packaging: Buy items with minimum packaging, packaging that can be composted, or is made from recycled materials. Buying food and cleaning stuffs in the largest possible container also saves both money and materials. Where possible, buy products which have refill schemes.

Ecover Refill Scheme: Find out where the nearest stockist and participant in the Ecover refill scheme is. The Wholefood Store in Glastonbury (01458 831004), Frome Wholefoods in Frome (01373 473334) and Norwood Farm in Norton St Phillip (01373 413427) are likely to be your closest.

Repair and maintenance: Try to banish the throw away philosophy. Buy items that are designed to last, keep up with appropriate maintenance, and always consider repair before disposal.